The simple option

Daily disposable contact lenses provide simple and easy convenience, just wear them once and throw them away. They are also a very hygienic option as you are only wearing them for one day and therefore harmful deposits do not have time to build up on the lense.

With no need to clean them, cutting out the need to purchase solutions and storage pots, they are the simple option. At Arnolds Opticians, we are contact lens experts, and we'll complete a full eye examination and offer you advice on the best contact lens options for you.

The benefits of disposable lenses:

  • Wear them once and throw them away
  • No solutions needed for treatment
  • Minimise the risk of harmful deposits building up on the lense
  • Available for a wide range of prescriptions
We offer expert advice on daily disposable contact lenses
Expert advice on contact lenses, call 01730 814 035
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