Monthly Lenses

Choose monthly lenses for a wider range

Your lifestyle often determines your sight correction requirements, which in turn influences the type of contact lens suitable, as well as frequency of use., Monthly contact lenses are a very popular form of contacts, despite daily disposables being convenient.

This may be due to fact they are slightly cheaper than daily disposables and there is a large range of different lenses that are available. Coloured lenses and toric are also available as monthly lenses so there is plenty of choice for the wearer. Why not book an appointment with Arnolds Opticians and let us talk you through the various contact lense options that might be suited to your lifestyle.

The benefits of contact lenses:

  • They provide unobstructed vision as the contact lenses sit on your eyes
  • They do not mist up, get wet in the rain, smudge or slide down your nose
  • They allow people to see the natural you
  • You can have fun and change your eye colour
Thinking about montly lenses?
Call Arnolds Opticians today to find out which contact lense options are available to you. 01730 814 035
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