Contact Lenses

If glasses are not an option

Not everyone is suited to wearing glasses, some people find wearing glasses, whilst playing sport, restricting and others find they get in the way of daily life, in these instances contact lenses can be appropriate. Contact lens technology is always changing, and at Arnolds Opticians we constantly update our practice and advice around contact lenses to reflect this.
We offer a number of different options for lenses and will always complete a full eye test when you come in for a contact lens consultation. Take a look at some of the options we offer on contact lenses, below, and find out if they could be a suitable option for you.


Disposable contact lenses offer easy and simple convenience, and on top of this they are healthier for your eyes, as they're always new and won't build up deposits of dirt. READ MORE »

Monthly Lenses

For people who fall outside the parameters of daily lenses, a monthly lens may be recommended. They can be tailor made to correct your prescription accurately and normally last for one month. READ MORE »
 We have a wide range of contact lenses at Arnolds Opticians
For a full consultation and advice on contact lenses, call today on 01730 814 035
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